Derby in floodDerby City Council and the Environment Agency are working together to reduce flood risk in Derby, while protecting the city's heritage and promoting appropriate development along the river. This will help create attractive and vibrant areas along the river where people want to live, work and visit.

In 2012 Derby City Council presented a master-plan entitled ‘Our City Our River' which presents an outline of the plans. Following public consultation, this document was adopted by Derby City Council in July 2012. The master-plan represents the Council’s commitment to:

  • reduce flood risk in Derby
  • protect the city's heritage
  • and promote sustainable economic development.

The delivery of the project will be spilt into three packages and will be delivered between 2015 and 2021.

The three packages are;

Package 1: all sites between the Alfreton Road Industrial Estate in the north and Sowter Road in the south, with the exception of works at Darley Abbey Mills Bridge.

Package 2: sites at Breadsall, Darley Abbey Mills Bridge, all sites between North Riverside and Meadow Lane, and sites at Derby Junction Railway Bridge, Pride Park, Ambaston and Shardlow.

Package 3: all sites between Chaddesden Sidings and Raynesway on the north side of the river, plus Alvaston Park on the south side of the river.

Due to the complexity and scale of the project, a great deal of preparation work has been needed to ensure that all regulatory and planning consents are met, that any sensitive historical or archaeological areas have been correctly identified and mapped and that the outline proposal for each stage of the project has been carefully considered.

Latest Update

The final preparation stage of the project is nearly complete and includes the submission of the project planning application to Derby City Council. The application has now been submitted and is awaiting validation. Once the document has been validated, it will be expected to be approved by Autumn 2015, after which work can begin. Some work will be considered exempt from planning permission (under Permitted Development) and will start by the end of March 2015.

Following the validation of the planning application there will be a series of public events in March, where information about the planning application will be available. Dates and locations of these events will be added to the Derby City Council website when confirmed.

You can now view the detailed planning application drawings along with the full planning application on the Derby City Council website www.derby.gov.uk/eplanning.The application reference number is DER/02/15/00210.

If you wish to make a formal comment on the application, please follow the guidelines. We will not be able to consider any comments on the application unless they are in the formats specified.

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